The Ace of All Trades: Adam Carolla on Everything from Podcasting to Giving up on Your Dreams
Volume 66
Issue 05
March 01 2010

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Our very own James Kislingbury travels to Adam Carolla’s hide out in Pasadena and interviews the hell out of him. A real interview with Adam Carolla, for reals, and it’s seriously worth reading so check it out.

Our super photographer Andrew Lee traveled the full distance for a short but generous 5 minute photo session. I grabbed the photo with the nicest composition for a cover, threw the text on there in Neutra, one of my favorite typefaces that I haven’t been able to use, and put together a simple, fun, ribbon design. My goal when working with photos is to get the text to read without covering up too much of the photo, this style of design worked well for this cover and I got to have some fun weaving the ribbon behind and in front of the Ace himself.