Translation Expanded: Japanese/English

Translation Expanded: Japanese/English is a letterform and language exploration created by Clay Cooper of the BFA Graphic Design Program at CSULB. It attempts to show how the Japanese language works and how it differs from English.

Japanese is uses three different scripts to make up the written language: Kanji (Chinese characters), Hiragana (modified Chinese characters), and Katakana (derived from Kanji, but used for translating phonetics from other languages).

The Japanese syntax order is Subject, Object, Verb. English is Subject, Verb, Object.

The web presence allows the viewer to remove and replace the scripts my clicking buttons to the right. Go there now.


Photos of the prints showing all Japanese scripts together (far left) and separated (three on right).


Showcased at Michael Osborne Design in San Francisco.

The interactive web presence is really the best way to understand how the scripts work together. Check it out!

Super Mario Bros Wii Typeface font is here!


Hello! I’ve been diligently hacking away at this typeface for a few months now and it is finally available for download! I’m happy to say I’ve had quite a few requests since my initial post on the subject and if it weren’t for all of you I don’t think I would have ever gotten around to finishing this, so to everyone who has the desire to use this typeface, thank you!

Super Cayden's Party
One person in particular contacted me about using the font for his son’s birthday card, I sent him the illustrator file in the early stages and look what he did! —–>

Anyway, this being my first functional font, I must say it’s been a pretty neat, although arduous, process. I encourage anyone, experts to fans, to improve on this typeface in the open source manner. Wouldn’t it be nice to see an improved version on some random free font site one day? Yes, it would.

I used Illustrator to create the outlines and FontLab Studio to adjust and export as an Open Type File.

There is no lowercase, typing lowercase and uppercase will result in the same letter forms. The lowercase “i” can be found by typing the capital “I.” There are no numbers, yet.

If your still reading, stop, and start downloading, using, sharing, commenting, improving, and whatever else is awesome to you… aaaaaand your still reading.


New Super Mario Bros Wii Typeface font (alpha)


Here is the first version of the New Super Mario Bros Wii Tyepface. I recently got this game, it is plenty awesome, and so is the display type that was created for the game’s logo. I immediately noticed it and wanted it. I had this feeling that it may have already been replicated by a bigger fan than I, however, all I could find on the web was this guy’s post, informing me that not only does it not exist, but, there is at least one person out there who wouldn’t mind having a functional version of the typeface. So here is the first step, I will be refining it in the coming months and putting it together to be my first functional font! It will also be free to download here!

Nomad Sans makes its first appearance.


This is my first serious typeface, one that will eventually have several weights and be available to download for free, here. This is about the 3rd revision and it has definitely changed a bit, at least enough for me to think it’s ready to be shown publicly.

The word ‘adhesion’ contains a nice balance of different letter forms that work well to reveal if a typeface is working or not. I will be updating progress on Nomad Sans for the next year or so, for this is just the beginning.