Translation Expanded: Japanese/English is a letterform and language exploration created by Clay Cooper of the BFA Graphic Design Program at CSULB. It attempts to show how the Japanese language works and how it differs from English.

Japanese is uses three different scripts to make up the written language: Kanji (Chinese characters), Hiragana (modified Chinese characters), and Katakana (derived from Kanji, but used for translating phonetics from other languages).

The Japanese syntax order is Subject, Object, Verb. English is Subject, Verb, Object.

The web presence allows the viewer to remove and replace the scripts my clicking buttons to the right. Go there now.


Photos of the prints showing all Japanese scripts together (far left) and separated (three on right).


Showcased at Michael Osborne Design in San Francisco.

The interactive web presence is really the best way to understand how the scripts work together. Check it out!