The Gauntlet 2010:  Editors vs. Staff
Volume 67
Issue 05
Sept 27 2010

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This was one of our more fun and silly issues, where a staff member suggested a tournament of sorts, between the editors and the staff. This tournament, he called The Gauntlet, and he already had all the rules and events! So basically, he made it up in High school in the middle of no where in Northern California, so the events were:
Strength: Weight Toss
Endurance: Wall Sit
Speed: Soda Chug
Creativity: Poems (Subway)
Brain Capacity: Memorization
Pissing Contest: Yes, we did.

If anything, read it for the Subway Haikus, they’re pretty good.

Anyway, design was inspired or just completely ripped off from the old Pee Chee folders in the 80s. Our Head Illustrator, Jeff Chang, did all the fantastic illustration, we were lucky he was experimenting with gestural drawing at the time! Check out his freaking website!!