Interpreting the Signified

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Union Weekly Cover – Rotting Education to the Core

Rotting Education to the Core
Volume 66
Issue 12
May 03 2010

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This week the Union attempts to tame the commotion of teacher lay-offs. Who’s most at risk and why? Plus a few personal stories from teachers in the district.

This cover art is a product of good old fashioned teamwork. The artists in the office got together to recreate the Union logo and headline in chalk. We found an open classroom and set up shop, the actual finished chalk image is about 4ft by 3ft. We initially tried to set up the angle of the table to meet perfectly with the perspective of the logo, but that proved impossible, especially because of focus issues; we wanted the apple to be the only fully focused item on the desk. Lastly, there was just not enough time for our fresh apple to get really moldy, so Photoshop to the rescue on that one.

Once again I could not have come close to pulling this off if it weren’t for Andrew Lee, our favorite Union photographer.